Did You Know?

Did you know that the average user will spend 88 percent more time on a website if it has video? And that’s not all. Incorporating video marketing into your website can result in higher click through rates, average order value, conversion, and revenue. But how exactly do you get videos onto your website?

What Is A Video Embed?

First things first, what is a video embed code and how does it work? Basically, it’s a snippet of code that you put on your website that displays as a video. An embed code pulls the video from the original source, allowing you to display a video without having to actually host the file on your website.

An added benefit of embedding videos is that it allows for faster load time on your website, and you can choose from a multitude of services for video hosting, including free options.

How To Embed Video In HTML

We'll start with basic instructions for embedding video in any HTML site. The good news is, it’s really simple.

STEP 1: EDIT YOUR HTML. Go into edit mode for the page, post, or section of your website where you’d like to embed the video. Find the spot in the code where you’d like the video to appear and place your cursor there.

STEP 2: COPY YOUR EMBED CODE. Next, copy your embed code. We’ll dive in to where to find embed codes for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and more later on in this post, so if you’re not sure where to find the embed code, jump ahead to learn more.

STEP 3: PASTE THE EMBED CODE INTO YOUR HTML. Next, simply paste the code into the spot you found in your HTML in the first step. Save or publish and you’re good to go. The video should display inline just where you placed the code.

Note: Depending on where you are embedding your video from and how your website is set up, you may need to make some alterations to the code. Please contact your webmaster for details.

How To Embed Video In Wordpress

If you’ve got a blog or website that’s on Wordpress, there are a few different ways to embed a video. We’ll dive into the different options, starting with the simplest.

EMBED VIDEOS BY COPY-PASTING URL. For this first method of embedding videos in Wordpress, all you’ll need is the video’s URL. For many popular video hosting platforms, including Vimeo, YouTube, and Animoto, you don’t need the full embed code. Simply copy-pasting the URL of the video into the Visual editor will automatically embed the video for you.

EMBED VIDEOS USING EMBED CODE. The automatic embed method is easy, but in some instances you may want a little more control over how your video displays. In these instances—or when embedding videos from sites that aren’t supported by the automatic embed feature in Wordpress—you’ll use the video's embed code.

If you’re looking to embed videos in Wordpress using an embed code, just make sure you’re in the Text editor and not the Visual editor and follow the steps outlined above in our section on how to embed video in HTML on your website.

Note: Some custom Wordpress themes may have different requirements for video embeds. If you are still having trouble, reach out to your theme provider for assistance.

How To Embed Video In Wix

If you’ve created your website in Wix, you also have a couple options for embedding videos, including using the URL from a video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, or Facebook, or using Wix Video. We’ll dive into both of those options.

EMBED VIDEOS WITH A URL. If you’re looking to embed a video from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, or Facebook, you can do this in Wix pretty easily.

STEP 1: ADD A VIDEO FROM THE EDITOR. Click Add on the left side of the Editor and select Video. Then, under Single Player, select the source you’d like to add from—YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, or Facebook.

STEP 2: ADD YOUR VIDEO URL. Click "Change Video" to add the URL of the video you’d like to display. Here you can also adjust playback and control options.

STEP 3: POSITION YOUR VIDEO. Click, drag and drop to position and resize the video so it displays how you’d like on your website.

EMBED VIDEOS WITH AN EMBED CODE. If you’d like to add a video to your Wix site that’s not hosted on one of the supported hosting platforms listed above, or you’d like a little more control, then you’ll need to add your video using an embed code, rather than a link.

EMBED VIDEOS WITH AN EMBED CODE. This process is similar to embedding with a URL. The difference is that instead of selecting to add a Video you’ll add an HTML iframe and paste the embed code into that.

How To Find Embed Codes

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on how to embed videos in HTML, Squarespace, Wordpress, and Wix, we’ll share the details on how to find and customize embed codes from popular services including Animoto, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

HOW TO EMBED AN ANIMOTO VIDEO. We’ll start with ourselves! You can grab the embed code for an Animoto video from the video’s play page. Note that embed codes are only available for videos in your own account, so make sure you’re logged in. Scroll down on the play page to the section that says "Embed Video." This is where you'll find the code that can be copied and pasted to add to your website.

HOW TO EMBED A YOUTUBE VIDEO. Looking to embed a video from YouTube? You can find the embed code by going to the YouTube play page, clicking "Share" and then "Embed." You can then copy the embed code, as well as customize a few options.

HOW TO EMBED A VIMEO VIDEO. Similar to YouTube, you can grab a Vimeo embed code by clicking on the Share icon on the Vimeo play page. This’ll open up a window where you can share to social networks, via email, or grab the embed code.

HOW TO EMBED A FACEBOOK VIDEO. If there’s a video on Facebook that you’d like to add to your website, you can use Facebook’s post embed feature. Simply click on the "…" in the top right corner of the Facebook post and select “Embed.”

You’ll have the option to “Include full post,” which will include the accompanying text from the Facebook post. Or, you can embed the video on its own.

HOW TO EMBED AN INSTAGRAM VIDEO. The process for embedding Instagram videos is similar to the process for embedding Facebook videos. Go to the post you’d like to embed from a computer in a web browser and then click on the "…" in the bottom right corner. Select “Embed” and then copy the embed code. Here you’ll have the option of whether or not to include the caption as well.

HOW TO EMBED A TWITTER VIDEO. To embed a Twitter video, open the tweet on a computer (this won’t work on the Twitter app) and select "Embed Tweet" from the drop down menu next to the “Follow” button on the Tweet. Select "Embed Tweet." Copy-paste the embed code and the full Tweet will be displayed.