A cloud collaboration solution is a new method that is designed to enable teamwork. The working principle of cloud solutions is based on the method of cloud computing. Special software will help your employees upload important files to the cloud. They will be stored there securely until someone else from your office has access to them.

The application interface can be customized to meet the needs of users. In particular, the network administrator gives others the right to upload files or add comments to them. When editing such documents, the data is entered immediately into the cloud. This convenience has allowed many companies to choose this technology for teamwork.


The software has a clear and accessible interface. Each member of your team now has the ability to work simultaneously with others on a single document. Before this technology, employees had to congregate in one area to solve team tasks. Now the entire task can be solved virtually, without wasting time and energy on personal gatherings.
There are two reasons for the popularity of this technology. First, it can be used for synchronized work between departments of the same company. Second, the program can be used to provide feedback to customers or partners. These features have made cloud computing a popular solution for both b2b and b2c industries.


The program supports the following functions:

The ability to comment and share messages through a single window;

A special icon shows who is online right now;

The user can fully manage his profile;

A personal activity feed for each user;

Option to synchronize with the external infrastructure;

High level of security;

File auditing option;

Special paths for files with large sizes.

Cloud technologies are currently in active development. If at the initial stage they worked with a limited set of tools, the latest solutions allow them to fully solve problems of any level of complexity.

Economic efficiency

To meet the expectations of the business sector, the solution must be reliable on many parameters. For example, the option of efficient teamwork, data security, technical reliability and compliance with legal requirements is important. An enterprise-class cloud provider is great for helping office workers get the job done.

Cloud technology was originally created to reduce the cost of the business in teamwork. Their platform is easily scalable. Because of such features, cloud technology is suitable for large companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses.