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We make the development of boxed and flexible solutions for internet services & online portals. We provide a complete software product and transfer the rights to our customers for using it.
Our solutions are used by the following Internet industries:

Flexible & Customizable.

Our Products

Advertising Antifraud System

Stop Ad Fraud and Click Fraud Bots and Save Your Budget.

Malicious marketing and advertising bots steal your marketing budget and skew your product analytics. Use our software package and don’t pay for click fraud.

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Embedded Video Platform

Video Platform with Built-in Bot Filtering and Flexible Advertising Options

Our fastest HTML5 player & antifraud solutions ensure the quality of your content. It provides a render reliably and a high quality pictures on every screen that improves video marketing ROI.

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File Cloud Services Solutions

Fully Managed Cloud Storage Service Delivered by Airsharp

You can make use of this powerful file sharing programming complex to monetize your content and generation user's content.

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Private VPN Solutions

Fully Managed Platform to Create a Private VPN

Remaining invisible you can stream HD video, surf the web and download content at lightning speeds, often faster than non-VPN connections.

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