Video materials on a virtual resource hold a person's attention 88% more than text information. After this statistic became known, many bloggers, marketers and site owners began to pay attention to the possibility of uploading videos to their sites. Their experience confirms that videos on a resource help increase traffic. Increased traffic provides higher income from the resource. Knowing this fact, you should also consider such a possibility.

General Principles

Putting a video on your site is technically easy. The task is to find a relevant video, get its code and embed it into the right page of your site. There is no need to download the video, upload it to your admin panel and then upload it to the site. This method makes it difficult for the site to work.

There are many services for placing the video code. One such service is Airsharps. There are free and paid services. If you do not own a video portal, then the free version suits you. It can easily cope with the insertion of the code fragment on your page. We will tell you the algorithm.

How do I insert code into the HTML structure?

An HTML document is the body of any page. Tags for video may not be present initially. It is important to make sure that the new code comes after the closing tags of the individual blocks. When you have found the optimal place for the video, do the following:

- Copy some of the video code to paste. You should look for the original video on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram etc.

- Paste the code fragment in the specified place and save your changes.

Important! Depending on the source of the video and the technical specifics of your site, you might need to make some additional corrections after publishing the video. If the video is not displayed, check if the algorithm is correct.

How To Embed Video In Wordpress

If you’ve got a blog or website that’s on Wordpress, there are a few different ways to embed a video. We’ll dive into the different options, starting with the simplest.

EMBED VIDEOS BY COPY-PASTING URL. For this first method of embedding videos in Wordpress, all you’ll need is the video’s URL. For many popular video hosting platforms, including Vimeo, YouTube, and Animoto, you don’t need the full embed code. Simply copy-pasting the URL of the video into the Visual editor will automatically embed the video for you.

EMBED VIDEOS USING EMBED CODE. The automatic embed method is easy, but in some instances you may want a little more control over how your video displays. In these instances—or when embedding videos from sites that aren’t supported by the automatic embed feature in Wordpress—you’ll use the video's embed code.

If you’re looking to embed videos in Wordpress using an embed code, just make sure you’re in the Text editor and not the Visual editor and follow the steps outlined above in our section on how to embed video in HTML on your website.

Note: Some custom Wordpress themes may have different requirements for video embeds. If you are still having trouble, reach out to your theme provider for assistance.

Inserting videos into Wix sites

If your site is Wix, you have many options for inserting video into your code structure. You can use major video portals as a primary source. If you want an educational, entertaining, or product review video, look for it on YouTube.
Daily Motion has a lot of useful video content. Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo can be a good source of user-generated content. Perform the following steps:

- Through the editor. There is an Add button on the left side of the WIx editor. Click it. Specify the source of the video under Single Player.

- Find a relevant video and get its code to post it.

- When editing, you just need to choose the right place and simply add the URL and save your changes. At the same time, set the video playback settings.

- The easiest option is to drag and drop the video to the desired location. Do the same with the size - stretch or shrink.

An alternative way to upload a video to the site is to insert its code by first creating a frame for the video in the HTML document structure.

Embed Codes

For the page to hold the attention of users, it must contain interesting content. It so happens that today the most interesting content can be conveyed in the form of video. Texts and images are also important, but the video format remains the favourite option for the vast majority of users.
Embedding a relevant video into a website is not difficult. First, you just need to prepare a video, then determine which method is right for you. You can embed it with a special frame or by inserting a fragment of code via the tag video. Below we will consider each of these methods in detail.

Airsharps Embedded Video Platform.

Airsharps Embedded Video Platform combines several functions for creating, inserting and managing video files. It is often used by marketers to build brand reputation. On the service, you can create playlists for your website. The analytics system and report will show traffic from videos.
According to statistics, most people watch entertainment videos. This includes movies, jokes, experiments, etc. If your web resource has a purpose, it's good for you to add videos that help you achieve those goals. If you are selling products or information, try creating a video in an entertaining format, but about your offer. You can emphasize the feature of creating your product, its usefulness and its benefits.

Insert a video from Animoto.

Sign in to access the video code. Codes are not available to unregistered users. There is an Insert Video option at the end of the video page. The code is there. Just copy it and paste it where you want.
Once you've installed the video on your site, don't miss the opportunity to benefit. Place social media widgets below the video with a call to share with a friend or tell others. If users like the video, they'll make more ads for you.


The code is also available here after clicking the Share icon. In a new window, there will be options: on social networks, send the video, or copy the code to paste. Choose your option.
Videos on the site can be used instead of commercials. Ordering a professional commercial is expensive. If you include a little creativity and get the technical stuff going, you can make a commercial with your own hands and use it for a long time.


To find the code on the video, you need to go to the video playback page. Below the video, there's a Share item. Click it and then click Insert. The code will open in front of you. When you paste the code into your site, you can edit the playback options right away.
Video also builds trust with visitors to your site. Don't pass up the opportunity to use video to promote yourself in search engines. Inserting a video, immediately make him a short text description with the content of key phrases. Pages with videos are better ranked in search engines.


Here you can embed a video in your post. To do this, write the post first, then pay attention to the three dots in the upper right corner. When you click on the three dots, a menu will open that has an embed option. You can post just a video or with text.


It's done the same way as on Facebook. Go to the post and select the three dots in the upper right corner. The Paste option will open. Now copy the pasted code. When you play it, you can add the caption or leave it as is.
When creating your own video, it's important not to forget about quality. A smartphone doesn't give you as many features like a professional camera. But additional editing, voice and formatting apps can help make it more effective.


Inserting videos from Twitter is only done from the browser version. These options don't work in the Twitter app. So, open the desired tweet on your computer. Next to the Follow button on any tweet, there is a drop-down menu. Open it and select the Embed Tweet option. Copy the embed code that opens and you'll see the tweet in its entirety.
We've looked at all the popular video sources and how to work with them. As you can see, it's very easy. Choose an interesting video and integrate it into your site. This attracts users. Such a site looks more modern. Your subscribers will be more willing to follow you on social media. An effective video drives traffic, conversions and revenue.